Why My Drive Guru?

My Drive Guru is an extremely useful tool for instructors, students and parents in keeping track of the Behind the Wheel driving lessons. It streamlines scheduling, reporting, and communications all through a smart phone or tablet.

Students learn more about driving while they are actually out on the road experiencing hands-on training and real-life situations. The classroom environment helps them learn the different signs and rules of the road, but the actual Behind the Wheel training is crucial in producing safe drivers.

Instructor Features:

  • Easily customize the interface to reflect your driving school brand and logo
  • Schedule classes and drive times for each student
  • Show instructional videos of important driving maneuvers in the car with the student before they attempt the maneuver
  • Fill out easy to use reports after the lesson to track the student’s progress
  • Fill out state approved final driving report and submit to parent for awarding of license
  • Easy communication with parents and students through the platform
  • Email correspondence and interface will reflect your company’s brand

Parent Features:

  • Stay on top of child’s driving school schedule right from smart phone
  • Monitor child’s learning via progress reports and learn what specific areas the student needs improvement
  • Request reports from instructor at any time
  • Communicate with instructor with questions, etc. at any time
  • Parent and student can create a supervised driving log to share at time of road test


 I have seen many changes and improvements during my 50 years of involvement in Driver Education as an instructor, a Program Coordinator, in Teacher Preparation, and as a Consultant in Driver Education at the Michigan Department of Education.

The latest of these improvements is the development of the App My Drive Guru. This App is a very useful tool for Parents to connect with the students behind-the wheel instructor. With this app the parent/student can easily see progress reports generated by the instructor. My Drive Guru also enables the driving instructor to send the driving skills report card directly from their smart phone.

Additionally, this App has many other useful features and along with parental guidance, supports the continuing education it takes to help drivers in training become good drivers.

Jerry Ockert, Driver Education Consultant at the Michigan Department of Education